Neil DeGrasse Tyson

If you’re wondering who Neil DeGrasse Tyson is, well…. he’s one of the most popular astrophysicist on Earth. You have probably heard of him somewhere. He is the director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York, and has also starred in the show Cosmos, which is currently on Netflix. He also has a talk show called StarTalk, […]

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Time…. must be important  enough for us to use it in our everyday life. Time is a universal invariant… unless… Time travel… which makes it a universal for us until we figure out how to time travel (if it’s possible). We have divided time into 24 hour segments or what we call a day which […]

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Story Time!

Story Time! C’mon grab your ship, we’ll be flown to very distant sands with Jake the star and Paul the asteroid the fun will always expand its story time! Adventure Time intro theme song parody Once upon a time…….. (Star Wars Theme plays)long far out-ago at a far and distant Galaxy lived Jake the star, […]

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The Kuiper Belt

The Kuiper belt, named after Gerard Kuiper is a belt that starts to extend outwards of our solar system, starting at Neptune, and scientists are still not 100% sure about how big it is, although they estimate it to be 20-200 times bigger than the asteroid belt. Similar to the Asteroid belt it contains many […]

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The Sun

The Sun is at the center of our Solar System, which consists of 9 planets and about 4 dwarf planets and a lot of comets and meteorites which orbit it or just stay in a sort of atmosphere surrounding our Solar System. The Sun as we all know is very hot, and looks bright yellow, […]

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An Introduction to…

Welcome to my blog post! Today I will be introducing you to my blog. This blog will be about what all you can find in space, or the Cosmos. I will be going from the Earth and the Moon to Black Holes, and Supernovae, and much more. Sometimes there might also be some stories in […]

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Planets are all around us, we have been learning about them since we were very little, and we also live on a planet called Earth. There are a lot of planets in space, and most of us know about 8-11 of them. There are planets outside our solar system, and most of them are in […]

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