The End? What happens to the Universe about a 100 quadrillion years from now?

Everything comes to a stop or an end. This also applies to the Universe too, or at least our version of it. Scientists are predicting that there is too much of what we call dark energy and it is trying to rip our universe apart quite literally. While you might be thinking that the overall gravity might bring the universe right back to the way it started, a super condensed, infinitely small dot of everything as we know it. This is what is logical, but there is an unknown force pulling the universe farther, expanding it even faster as time goes on, which is definitely not how gravity works. Now you might be thinking that maybe we are just being pulled back into the center of the explosion, but as we have studied the explosion, we have found that the universe is expanding everywhere equally. This leads us to the conclusion that the universe will eventually start to expand farther than the speed of light. This is possible, this universal speed limit applies to things in the universe, but not the Universe itself. Due to this phenomenon, we cannot see things in the universe that are far enough away from us that light cannot reach to us before this happens. And when this will happen, it will start to happen on a smaller scale eventually, so small that we will not be able to see anything, and because the universe will be expanding it  will rip everything to tiny bits as gravity will be counteracted by dark energy. Either this or the big crunch will take place. The big crunch is basically a theory that the Universe will just collapse back as gravity will eventually somehow take over and the Universe will start all over again. Not the most exiting or joyful topic for people to discuss but don’t worry if any of those events were to happen, they will happen a long, time from now, presumably more than a few trillion years from now, even more, quadrillions of years.

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