Moons are natural satellites surrounding a planet. Moons are found orbiting many planets and dwarf planets. Not all planets have moons due to their extreme conditions or them being too far into the planetary system. Moons orbit a planet like planets orbit stars, yes in an ellipse, not usually a perfect circle. This is due to the way they are formed and how gravity works on them.

Most moons are either created from a huge asteroid crashing into a planet and making a debris ball or the planet attracts the moon due to its large gravitational force. Moons usually do not orbit a planet forever, they either crash into the planet or escape its gravitational force. For us, our moon moves away 1.5 inches per year. Some moons  have a frozen water surface due to the extreme cold in the outer solar system.

Aren’t moons pretty amazing? If you want to know more about moons or any other known topic, just comment down below and I will write a post about it. Thanks for reading, please share this on social media so other people can read this too.


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