Artificial Satellites

Satellites are bodies that revolve bodies larger than itself, like the Earth around the Sun, and the moon around the Earth. ARTIFICIAL satellites are data collecting devices that (usually) revolve around large bodies.

These satellites can do multiple jobs ranging from finding out the weather, to help you get to a place using GPS. Although they are very helpful and are now unknowingly part of our daily life, they do take some stuff in return when you use them. This stuff is the data that you agree to give the companies and agencies like Google and the Government using the satellites. This data is then used to help the security of the nation, but also impacts our lives, by not so big things that help companies grow larger.

This data is used to help identify and eliminate threats, but is also used to tailor ads, making us want to buy that product more. So this is one of the good and bad sides of the data collection. What do you think about it.

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