Story Time!

Story Time!

C’mon grab your ship,

we’ll be flown to very distant sands

with Jake the star

and Paul the asteroid

the fun will always expand

its story time!

Adventure Time intro theme song parody

Once upon a time…….. (Star Wars Theme plays)long far out-ago at a far and distant Galaxy lived Jake the star, who was circled by Paul the asteroid. As people started to settle onto him, he got exited as this was his first time being settled on by a life form. Jake was interested in what was going on with the people and how they treated Paul after settling onto him as Jake had seen many planets be settled on and invaded, he was halfway past his life of 10 billion years. He wanted to learn what would happen if a planet was to interfere with their civilization and called in an old friend of his using his gravity and luck that he was passing by.

Find out what happens later in the next story….

Comment down below how you think it was!


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